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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

...we would be finished in July, I just don't known which year.
Now in our fourth July, Cloud House is not finished but getting closer.

Finish site work took place in February.

A gravel driveway installed, and grass seed scattered and covered.

The first thing I did was drive off the gravel into the mud.
AAA came and struggled but got me out, and then
our ace site man Aaron came and cleaned up the mess.

We left off the previous post with the stairs installed.
Next step was getting glass "balusters" put in.

I wasn't there to take picutres of it, but Clayton and the team did a great job.

The grating casts interesting shadows.

Meanwhile, inside, the cedar siding has been laid up. Looking thru a door,
the alignment of the outside siding and inside siding is apparent.

Looking east in the Engawa at the inside/outside alignment.
Finish electrical is in; the white switch is temporary, final will
be black similar to the plug mold receptacle inserted in the siding.
(See it half-way down the wall?)

On the first level, with clearstory window above.
Be hard to stain this grey like the outside, no?

The insulating pocket doors are in as well.
Here they are open on the 2nd Level.
(Note the floor protection is coming off,
revealing the black concrete topping slab;
and art work is going on the walls..)

Now they are closed.
(Note the arrival of a mobile below the skylight.)

Same closed doors, from the SE hall.

Now open, looking west across the living/dining space.

Another view of the mobile.

All this carpentry requires clean up. Thank you Joey!

As well as removal of debris and left-overs.

The fireplace was installed.
Here David is placing the top sections of the flue.

The mechanical chase is getting crowded.

Out the chimney box comes the flue.

FIRE 'er up and see if she smokes.

2nd Level bath got fixtures and temporary lighting on this side....

...and shower tile and cove light on the other.

A temporary kitchen, with a sink and cook-top went in, but
we flunked the final inspection because the counter top was not
a water-proof surface. Instead of doing that, the permanent
cabinets and counter top are being made.

However, cooking can occur on the B_B_Q!!!

The entry to the 2nd Level north side.

Looking back, thru an entry on the 1st Level, one can see how
the glass door, glass "balustrade" and open risers, allow as clear a view
as possible.

Going further in, the two windows on the west wall are visible.
The left one is in the NW hall and the right one in the kitchen.
(Note the refrigerator is in on the left.)

However, moving in closer, one can that the" window" in the hall has a door in it!

It's actually a mirror wall, reflecting a
window on the north side of the hall. Getting all three
pieces of mirror in exact alignment is not easy.
So the other three mirror walls are on hold.

In the Engawa, on the south side, there is a window in the west wall,
similar to the one in the kitchen on the north side. They open, allowing
cross breezes thru the doors on the east wall.
The concrete slab is soaking up the btu's on a day like this!

The house gets visitors on occasion. Most recently
David and Bonkana and their children, in Oregon from
Bamako, Mali visiting David's parents in Eugene.

The old mailbox, three years older in the rain and sun of the coast,
still marks the spot for inspectors, tradesmen, and visitors alike.
When will it greet you???

Monday, January 24, 2011


Jeff Mullin, from the Greenroom, arrived with lift and sprayer and brushes
and transformed the house from wood...

to grey ("driftwood grey" that is).

Quite the transformation.

And then on up to the top to finish knocking down the shining flashing
and gutter, and painting the beams to match.

Up north aways in the town of Garibaldi, and in it, is Robert
Brodigan of Coast Metal Fabrications. After a number of months,
a number of meetings, and quite a number of drawings,
the exterior stairs were started. All aluminum, then powder
coated black, then...

...brought to the site and erected.
Yea! down with the temp. stairs,
and out with the ladder in the hoistway!

And just at the same time, the magicians at Anderson
Door and Window Mechanics came and hung the four
exterior doors, and rolled right on in and hung the
four bathroom doors as well (and the little roof hatch three).

So the exterior is buttoned up.
Next case is the interior cedar siding. In
some places on plywood shear walls,
other places on studs.
But no matter where, it will be great to get it up!

Task one was to open up the "cedar shack" and
inventory the siding which has been waiting a long time.

And step back and take a look with low winter sun
casting shadows of the tall spruces across the front.
(Note: no trailer! Towed and sitting by road with
a "For Sale" sign on it)

While I was out east for a while, Charlie organized a workshop
with friends and relatives (here daughter April) to
install the insulation. Fiberglass batts in stud cavities
is pretty standard....

...but rigid sheets over the batts , with caulk at
all joints, and fastened to the studs with plastic nails
is rather unusual. Charlie and Colin soldier on...

And now we are ready for drywall.

Well at least where there IS drywall. Some areas have
cedar siding instead, and some edges needed "j" bead,
and some areas needed glue and minimal fasteners
(we would have used plastic nails but could not find
ones which were long enough). So I had to write in bold
lettering and arrows where got what, or got none at all.

Drywall time! Now, how to get it in the house...

...why, through a window, of course.

Wonderful hangers and tapers, Carlos and Benito.
Stilts make a 10-0 ceiling a piece of cake.

Now late afternoon shadows have white to play on.